Monday, May 6, 2013

The Mayors Mansion

 I was conceived in this house but never lived here. My family lived in the Mayors Mansion on S.E. Ankeny Street from 1950 to 1960. They moved to a ranch home in N.E. two months before I was born. My father and his brother went in on the home together but after the two families spent two years together they were ready to sell. However, the house remained on the market for 7 more years. I have always wanted to paint it and I had some time to burn while my 13 year old had track practice in Laurelhurst Park today. It is a very large house to fit on an 8"x10" panel.

While outside the owner came out. We had met almost twenty years ago during a tour of the home with my mother who brought a box of photos of the house in the 50's. Recently the house had been on the market with no movement and it is now due to open as a bed and breakfast.

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