Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Fechin at the Frye

I have admired the work of artist Nicholi Fechin since first being introduced by California artist Dan McCaw while at Art Center College of Design in 1981. I saw some of Fechin's work while visiting the Fechin house in Taos a decade or so ago.

I went with a group of painters to the Frye Museum in Seattle, Washington yesterday. Up close and personal with these paintings was a spellbinding experience for the group. You can't quite take it all in while you are there and are planning your next trip before the first is finished. (the painting pictured is not in the exhibit but one of my favorites)

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  1. Lovely comments, Joanne. I didn't know you were this familiar with Fechin, but, of course, I am not surprised. Help me do "Ollie Mae" Fechin style. Okay?