Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Forecast: Rain

Standing Wednesday painting sessions on Sauvies Island are for the moment and invitation for rain! I had seen Facebook posts of artist Dave McBride standing in the rain, 38 degrees at the waters edge,
a palette covered in water. How does he do this? I asked myself.

Last Wednesday, traveling with Chris and Tim Lally, we had a beautiful grey day on Sauvies upon arrival at the store. Dave McBride and Char met us and we were joined by Tim on location. All geared and excited to paint, it wasn't even 15 minuted before the rain came. And then it poured...and poured. The first painting is my exuberant grey start and my second painting a new experience in discovery of the results of oil and water. Can you really paint with water on your panel and your paints covered by an inch of water?  Food for another post!

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